Monday, August 4, 2008

I'M Going To The ARAB Show

Bet You Can't Do This!!

ARAB National Convention . . . .Just Follow Me!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Nest Box Waiting List - Angora German - Gaint - English Rabbits For Sale

Top Hat Angora Rabbits For Sale . . .
"Let The Show Begin"

Put Some Magic In Your Life . . .
Angora Rabbits For Sale

Bunny Where Are You?

Is This Your Bunny?

Who's Is In the Nest Box ?
No bunnies is in the nest box at this time. Most of my Angora German / Giant / English Rabbits For Sale are preparing for the up coming National ARBA Show in October and for the show in McMinnville, TN in September.

For Sale At the Show . . .

Iwill have pedigree and registered Angora German / Giant / English Rabbits For Sale at both shows.

Bucks and Does will be 8 months 8 days old.

They won't last long . . . contact me


Top Hat Angora Rabbitry . . . .

Top Hat Angora Rabbitry specializes in 3 breeds of rabbits: German, Giant and English Bunnies.

We breed for top quality wool production and show quality rabbits.
Our Goal:
Our goal and is to provide Hand Spinners with excellent quality wool for spinning and felting. Our micron test will be available after the ARBA Convention in Louisville, Ky.

We are also committed to providing for sale top qualtiy bunnies with show quality potential.

The Top Hat Angora Rabbitry Blog

is intended to be funny, informative and interactive. We will be posting a variety of information and lots of pictures . . . so please come back and visit with us again.


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We are an Asparagus Farm. We have Asparagus Roots/Plants For Sale. We also grow our own Black Raspberries, Elephant Garlic, Walking Onions, 2 kinds of Horseradish, Dahlias, Lambs, Tennessee Fainting Goats, Guinea Hens, Sebastaphol Geese, and Anatolian Shepards. Our Chicken lay blue, green, bronw, sand and rose colored eggs. Our Asparagus season and shipping starts early in the Spring (March 28th) and by April 30 - May 7th we are sold out. It is always a good idea to order Asparagus and other gardeing plants early. Our "Save Me Some Program" begins July 1 2008. The benefit of this program is to have the Asparagus and other gardening plants "saved" so you have them when you want them for Spring planting 2009. We encourage everyone who has never tried growing Aspragus to do so. It is a wonderful garden plant that is very delicious and easy to care for. (270) 217-6111